Are bananas good for dogs? FRUITS FOR DOGS

Are bananas good for dogs? FRUITS FOR DOGS - the dog on top

When your dog sees you eating, they want a bit of whatever it is. If we were eating the banana, we might assume it is beneficial for dogs, as it is generally a healthy fruit for us, and in this article will explain whether this is true. So keep reading.

Dogs eating fruits and vegetables

You should know there are many fruits and vegetables which are suitable for dogs. Most dogs will love them. 

Low canines have specific nutritional requirements prioritizing proteins and fats. They can get certain benefits from moderate consumption of fruit and vegetables. These can provide vitamins and minerals necessary for vitality. 

It is important to note that not all dogs will like the same fruit, and there are fruits and vegetables poisonous for animals. Even the fruits recommended for canine consumption can have adverse effects if they have an allergy or intolerance. this is why it is advisable to add them gradually to your dog’s diet, starting with small portions to check the dog has any adverse effects.

Are bananas good for dogs? FRUITS FOR DOGS - the dog on top


The banana is a delicious fruit that dogs often enjoy enormously. You should know that it also brings many benefits to the health of your dog. 


Some of them include potassium helps strengthen bones and allows better absorption of calcium. Additionally, it strengthens blood vessels and tones muscle. 

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 has an anti-inflammatory function and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. It also regulates the functioning of red blood cells. 


Fiber contributes to better intestinal transit.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and maintains stable blood pressure.


Bananas also contain natural probiotics to help regulate intestinal flora lusts favoring a healthier digestive system. 

Natural Sugars:

To finish, we will add that the bananas of food which contains natural sugars, and providing energy without involving processed additives or artificial colors present in many sweet foods we humans consider. 

Are bananas good for dogs? FRUITS FOR DOGS - the dog on top


As with other foods, dogs should not overindulge in bananas, as it can cause intestinal problems and hyperactivity. 


once you verify that your dog tolerates the consumption of banana, you can begin to adapt the portions by taking into account the size of your dog. 

– in small dog breeds, cut slices approximately one centimeter in width, and offer to them. 

– in medium-sized dogs, you can offer up to half. 

– while large breeds can consume between half and a whole banana.

Of course, don’t forget that banana is a food that you must offer as part of a balanced diet. It should be used as a treatment, not as a replacement for the healthy fats and proteins they do require.

Never let your dog consume the banana peel. The rough skin is difficult to chew, and dogs can easily choke on it. Additionally, the levels of potassium and banana peel are high, which can provide an excess of fiber in your dog’s body. In some cases, dogs have gone into convulsions after eating the banana peel. This is partly due to the chemical treatment and ripening agents added to the skin to make it more attractive, and bright providing another reason not to let your dog eat it. 

If you find out that your dog is eating the banana peel, they may only vomit in the next few hours. However, they need to be vigilant to see if they have a more visceral reaction. If other more worrying symptoms appear, you should take your dog to the vet. 

Now you know more about dogs consuming bananas. Maybe have some thoughts to share on dogs eating fruit. If so, let us know about that in the comments.

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