Do Dogs like kisses

Do Dogs like kisses - the dog on top

Many people show affection to the dogs through kisses. Some dogs might react reciprocally by licking the face of their human pal, and others might get aggressive. Such situations make us ask, do dogs like kisses?

Displays of affection are significant for human beings. We are social people who provide and receive reassurance through kissing and hugging. We manifest this affection towards our friends and family, whom we love.

However, in doing so, we might forget that dogs are an independent species with their methods of communication.

Do dogs understand kisses?

Within the parameters of canine body language. Kissing doesn’t exist. You may think that licking is their version of a kiss, but the reason the dog licks is not necessarily the reason why a person kisses. 

In principle, if you’ve just adopted a dog and kiss him to show affection, they will likely not understand your purpose behind this behavior. They may even try to back away. As they feel intimidated faced with such intimidation, the dog might freeze up. 

They may even growl or spiral if the response is ignored. In these circumstances, the dog will reject the idea of kissing because they cannot comprehend the behavior. With time, however, they may learn to associate it as a display of affection. This can be done if the kisses are accompanied by caress’s expressions of joy or tasty rewards.

These forms of positive reinforcement help them to learn your behaviors and customs. Specifically that the action of kissing is something that poses no threat making them feel comfortable goes a long way.

Do Dogs like kisses - the dog on top

As we’ve already explained, if you have a newly adopted dog, they will not yet understand your behaviors and can become confused. They will not want your face near their sight but may try to get away from you. 

At this point, it’s up to you to help the dog understand what you mean by kissing by providing positive reinforcement. Where you can show your love in different ways, if you’ve done the former, the dog may grow to feel comfortable and accepted, recognizing the kisses as affection and maybe even responding by licking. 

Licking is a habitual behavior of dogs, an inherent trait they carry out, but what does it mean, several impulses motivate it as puppies dogs lick their mother to receive want from them, but they also use it as a signal when they are hungry although they should know how you feed them.

By licking your face, they can find out a lot of information. They know what you’re eating, where you’ve been, and detected many smells that are invisible to us.  

With adult dogs who accept kisses as affection. Licking this the way, they can return the favor. This is why when your dog greets you, they may try to lick your face. They offer affection, but they also find out information about you and use it as a display of the bond of friendship we share.

Do Dogs like kisses - the dog on top

There’s a great debate whether it is okay to kiss a dog, while there are those who claim dogs transmit diseases others argue that. 

The answer is more detailed Milan Jen Andy, a professor in the Faculty of the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, claims the dogs carried many types of bacteria and viruses that humans are unable to combat. This is both because there are different species. Because they are often eating things off the ground which have been contaminated, many of these bacteria are zoonotic, meaning they can spread from canine to human.

Now you know more about how dogs respond to kisses, you might be able to share your own experience with us.

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