How many hours a day do dogs sleep

How many hours a day do dogs sleep - the dog on top

Dogs go through the same phases of sleep as humans. However, they need more hours of rest to recover the energy they have spent. For this reason, many people are surprised to see their dog sleeping throughout the day and wonder if it’s normal. In this article, we explained how many hours a dog sleeps in the day, and what factors affect their sleep in general. 

How much does a puppy sleep?

A dog sleep depends on several factors with age, perhaps most important. 

A puppy needs to sleep between sixteen to twenty hours a day to ensure proper development, encourage learning, and help memory. A newborn dog will sleep most of the day. As it grows, their sleep reduces, but they will still sleep more until they reach adulthood. 

During the night, a puppy can sleep between six to ten hours. It’s important to note as human babies. Puppies tend to wake at night to eat do their business or simply because they are yet to adapt to their new home. Patience is essential, especially in the first few nights. Offer a lot of love and provide a safe, relaxed environment. Additionally, a comfortable bed is vital at this stage. We need to create positive habits, always respecting the puppy’s sense of self. 

During the day, puppies will take more or fewer naps, depending on their activity levels. In this sense, it’s important not to wake them and allow for rest. Although we may be looking forward to spending time with them playing with them and teaching them new things, the puppy needs sleep for strength as well as to internalize their learning. Their mind does not stop while they sleep, processing all the information they have collected throughout the day and helping to inform their cognition. 

How to know if a puppy sleeps too much?

If a puppy sleeps more than 20 hours, it’s not usual, and a vet should be consulted. If they sleep the usual amount of hours, but they are weak in lethargic when awake, you will also need to see a specialist. When awake, the puppy should be energetic and active, so a lack of vitality is a sign there is something wrong. 

How many hours a day do dogs sleep - the dog on top

How much does an adult dog sleep?

After a year of life, larger breeds usually take more time. At this stage, it’s usual for dogs to sleep an average of about 13 hours a day. In general, eight of these will usually be during the night, with the rest distributed throughout the day in the shape of a short nap.

These naps are necessary, so they can recover the energy they expend. This is why it’s normal for dogs to sleep after a long walk or afternoon intense game session. 

A bored dog will also spend the time asleep, something which can be healthy in small doses. If boredom naps are frequent, it means we are not paying proper attention to our dog or that they need more exercise. 

How many hours a day do dogs sleep - the dog on top

How much does an elderly dog sleep?

From around eight years of age, a dog may be considered a senior. At this elderly stage, they can sleep up to 18 hours a day, although this will depend entirely on their physical condition and health snacks. 

Does the time of the year influence canine sleep?

Of course, another factor that determines the dog are of sleep is temperature. During colder seasons, it’s normal for dogs to sleep a little more and seek warmth for a better rest. On the other hand, they may sleep less on hotter days as the heat prevents them from sleeping comfortably. 

What other factors influence a dog’s sleep?

In addition to age and temperature, the level of physical activity and health status of a dog affects their rest. Likewise, not having a comfortable place to sleep can also change the rest. This is why it is vital we ensure our dogs have a suitable bed, which is placed somewhere quiet and comfortable in them. 

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